Google Penalizes German, Spanish, Italian Link Networks

Google PenaltyGoogle’s crusade against link networks around the globe continues. Google on Friday announced taking action on the following: German link network efamous; another German agency network; and Spanish and Italian link networks.

The efamous site says it “matches advertisers and publishers based on their targeting needs. This let’s you easily reach a broad or niche audience,” The site’s various services include “content integrations” via guest posts, product information, press articles, video seeding, and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Google also took action against German link networks in February, promising at the time there was “more to come.”

The Spanish and Italian announcements were made via Twitter by Giacomo Gnecchi (in Italian) and Javier Perez (in Spanish); Google’s Matt Cutts provided the English translations: “we’ve taken action on Spanish and Italian link networks that violate our quality guidelines.”

Google’s action comes less than a week after Cutts warned penalties were imminent. It isn’t yet clear which link networks, or how many, were penalized.

Announcements of penalties to link networks have become a near weekly occurrence of late, impacting sites in many languages. Below are some of our other recent stories with those details. 

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