Google AdWords Conversions Help You Find the Hidden Value

AdWords ConversionsAn AdWords PPC conversion used to be just a click and it seemed pretty simple. This came with challenges however, because PPC managers weren’t able to adequately explain how valuable PPC was if click conversions were falling short.

Now, we have many a variety of ways to measure conversions actions from our AdWords campaigns. Understanding each is important to uncovering the hidden value that may be in the account.

Flexible Conversion Counting

Recently released, this added converted clicks (replaces one-per-click) and conversions (replaces many-per-click) columns in AdWords.

Advertisers can choose to count all conversions or unique conversions depending on the type of conversions action and business goals.

For example, for sales you will want to count all conversions, but for leads only unique conversions.

Estimated Total Conversions

This tracking metric addresses the question of how people are converting across devices, for example, clicking on an ad on mobile and then completing a transaction on a desktop.

It tracks calls, store visits, cross-device, and cross-browser conversions, and estimates conversions using aggregate data from people who have signed into Google.


Last fall, AdWords starting counting phone calls from mobile-click-to-call ads in the conversions column with the click conversions. This has also been added to the estimated total conversions.

Cross-Account Conversion Tracking

Use a single conversion tag to track conversions across multiple accounts. This feature has the added benefit of adding conversion tracking to a new account simply and not having to create all new tags.

Assisted Conversions

AdWords offers reports on assisted clicks and assisted impressions that led to a conversion. Assisted clicks include all the clicks leading up to a conversion, except for the last click.

Assisted conversions includes ads that were served but not clicked. These metrics show value of an AdWords account beyond the last click conversions.

View-Through Conversions

This conversion occurs when someone views an AdWords display ad, doesn’t click on it, but later completes a conversion action on the website. This metric excludes conversions from people who also clicked on a search ad.

Analyzing the Data

When optimizing your AdWords PPC account, consider some of these conversion metrics as part of the overall analysis. Different types of conversions will be worth more depending on your advertising goals.

Whether your goal is sales, leads, calls, or something else, having all this data available to you can be invaluable.

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