Marin Software’s Context Connect Helps Advertisers Identify Trends & Take Action

marin-software-logoBrands integrate into the fabric of people’s lives, and it’s the marketers job to make sure the brand is there when people need it – like when they’re staying inside from the cold.

Dubbed the “polar vortex,” this past winter’s storm system was a brutal one for many in the U.S. Marin Software data released today suggests that online shopping was up in response to the cold, but that there was plenty of missed opportunity for advertisers.

“Paid search impression volumes were 1,500 percent higher than historic trends for retailers during the coldest week of the polar vortex (January 19 to 25),” Marin said in its announcement. Click volume and spend also increased by 268 percent and 79 percent respectively, “but only at a fraction of the search impressions, indicating advertisers missed out on a captive audience.”

In order to help brands stay relevant to their audience and become a solution in their consumer’s lives, Marin announced today “Context Connect,” allowing advertisers to “incorporate weather, television, inventory, sports scores, stock market fluctuations, and other contextual data into their digital marketing campaigns.”

Context Connect lets marketers evaluate search, social and display performance alongside “contextual attributes to quickly identify trends and take immediate action by adjusting audiences, creative and bidding across campaigns. Paired with Marin Software’s Dynamic Actions, Context Connect further empowers advertisers with the ability to automatically adjust keyword bids and visibility based on custom criteria.”

“Digital marketers can’t see into the future and predict for every factor that may affect a digital marketing campaign,” said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. “Context Connect and the open-stack nature of the Marin platform allow advertisers to integrate contextual sources of data and optimize their digital campaigns based on their unique external factors.”

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