Google Reveals New AdWords Features: App Ads, ‘Enterprise’ Tools, & More

New AdWords innovations

During a live-stream event today, Google announced three key AdWords updates that will be launched over the next few months – new app ads, more insightful reporting, and tools for efficiency and scale.

Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management for AdWords, explained the motivation behind the updates, saying, “It’s no longer about devices, it’s about connecting people to the content they care about, whether online, mobile sites, or on apps.”

New App Ads

New mobile app promotion features will be launched across AdWords in search ads, Google Display Network, and YouTube.

Consumers are typically looking to solve problems with apps, so Google will look at information from Google Play that results in the most installations and suggest keywords to advertisers to gain the most app installations. This allows targeting customers based on their behavior such as the apps they use, frequency of use, and in-app purchases.

Google notes that more than 80 percent of downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted. Now ads will also begin to include capability to “app deep linking” to drive searchers directly to pages in an app encouraging further engagement.

Hotels San Francisco Installed App Search Ad

Conversion measurement for app ads will provide insights such as installation, re-engagement, and in-app purchases.

More Insightful Reporting

Measuring conversions with the constantly connected consumer is challenging and complicated. Conversions can occur through multiple touch points, starting on one device then being completed on another. As a result, Google last year launched estimated total conversions to measure conversions across multiple devices.

Now Google is starting to develop a solution to measure in-store transactions that track off-line conversions. Using this expanded data, advertisers can optimize and deliver more targeted ads when considering in-store transactions.

Tools for Efficiency and Scale

AdWords Enterprise Reporting

Finally, Google will offer enterprise-class workflow, reporting, and optimization tools for AdWords. It will support bulk actions directly in AdWords. For example, a promotion to update thousands of ads can be done with a few clicks in the interface across a number of campaigns.

Improvement to conversions optimizers and automated bidding will include an enterprise-like solution to advertisers where advertisers can set efficiency targets in to maximize conversions based on a number of business goals.

Paul Feng, director of product management AdWords Platform, introduced reporting improvements for advertisers to help visualize and test real-world data.

Enhanced reporting tools will allow analysis directly in AdWords in a multi-dimensional analysis tool. Reports can be customized and changed easily by dragging and dropping metrics into a table to avoid the importing, exporting, and formatting of data in spreadsheets extracted from AdWords. This new reporting tool includes graphing capabilities with bar, lines, and pie charts.

AdWords Clicks and Conversions Enterprise Reporting

New campaign testing capabilities allow creation of draft campaigns to stage and test ideas without fully committing to them. The drafts can be either automatically applied to the campaign or used in an experiment.

Experiments can include several different campaign components such as bid changes, new keywords, campaign settings, special bids for times and locations, ad formats, and more. An experiment will be applied to a portion of the traffic to make more data-driven decisions based on the test results.


  • Google’s announcements today demonstrate a committed focus to continue to promote growth in mobile advertising in AdWords.
  • Enhanced capabilities in app advertising will lead the way advertisers think about developing and promoting their apps to increase installations and engagement.
  • The launch of enterprise-level tools in AdWords will offer more convenience for advertisers, but will likely compete with some third-party management solutions advertisers have used, as they were previously the only option for bulk actions, bid management, and reporting.

The presented announcement is available on the AdWords Blog.

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