Dive Into Google AdWords New Mobile App Promotion Capabilities

App MarketingSEM managers listened attentively to a webcast from Google headquarters last week. Many feared hearing an announcement that would rival enhanced campaigns.

Thankfully, many of the new AdWords enhancements were positive and will provide additional capabilities for advertisers. One of the main areas of focus was mobile and the promotion of mobile applications.

In the past, advertisers were limited to utilizing a site link to promote their app. These new features being rolled out through AdWords will provide additional promotional capabilities that surpass a small sitelink. Here’s a deeper look into what is coming soon to AdWords.

New Targeting Options:

Google is taking this option form a user perspective and titling it ‘Better Discovery’. This capability will allow you to target your app advertisement to users based on their behavior.

From the type of app they use, their frequency of app usage down to how often they purchase in app upgrades, all can be used to target your advertisement. Google also lightly touched on the ability to drive app installs through TrueView advertising on YouTube.

Though under a different name, this is essentially the same behavioral targeting all online marketing managers are used to. Add in some usage data from the apps on your phone, and you’ll be able to efficiently target individuals who are likely to be active users of your mobile application.

Retargeting For App Usage:

Google highlights that 80 percent of apps go unused after the first download. To ensure engagement continues advertisers will now be able to show text and display ads on mobile devices to those who have downloaded their app. When a user clicks on the advertisement, instead of being taken to a landing page, the app will be opened.

The success of this targeting option will truly depend on how much the “click” costs and the value of a user engaging with your app. If you have in-game purchase capabilities, you may be willing to pay for a user to re-engage with your app. Others who have limited revenue generating capabilities may be hesitant to pay for a user who has shunned the app so far.

Additional Measurement Capabilities

With these new features, making your marketing dollars accountable will be extremely important. Data will now be available across all engagements for your advertisements. From download to reengagement, conversions data will be available.

Understanding the performance of your campaign will be essential in deciding whether the two advertising options mentioned above are worthwhile. For advanced advertisers, partnering this data up with revenue generated by in app purchases can provide a deeper level of insight into the ROI of your app marketing efforts through Google.

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