ContentBlog Posts Published on Weekends Get More Social Shares [Study]

Blog Posts Published on Weekends Get More Social Shares [Study]

What blog post titles get the most engagement? When is your audience actually reading your blog posts? Answers to these questions and more in TrackMaven's recent study published in the "Colossal Content Marketing Report."

Ever wonder when the best day of the week is to publish a blog post? How about coming up with titles for posts that get more engagement? These are some of the questions TrackMaven sought to answer in its latest study, with findings published in the “Colossal Content Marketing Report.”

When it comes to publishing posts, 87 percent of the more than 4,500 blogs analyzed posted Monday through Friday. But the 13 percent who chose to post on weekends experienced the most social shares. While only 6.3 percent published on Saturdays, those posts received 18 percent of the total social shares.


The study suggests a disconnect from when brands publish to when their audience actually gets around to reading. For example, data shows that engagement peaks outside of standard U.S. work hours.


Blog posts published between 9 p.m. and midnight ET saw the most social shares, with 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. as the highest point of engagement.

“While your brand’s blog content might be aimed at professional growth, leisure hours are readers’ preferred time to read, reflect, and share the content that resonates most with them. So content marketers, take note – just because your content is educational or work related, doesn’t mean it should come during working hours,” TrackMaven said in its report.

Did you know that asking a question in a blog title elicits social shares? According to TrackMaven’s research, the 5 percent of blog titles that included a single question mark saw 46 percent social sharing – this was nearly double than what titles without question marks experienced.


Overall, the blogs that experienced the most engagement per post were those that were able to strike a chord with their audiences.

“Out of the 4,618 blogs we analyzed, Gawker, Jezebel, and Gizmodo had the highest average engagement per post,” TrackMaven said in its report. “Gawker lead the pack with 224,153 social shares per post and 83 posts per day on average.”

Some of the most popular posts on Gawker included this one:


TrackMaven said the ability to make an emotional connection is what makes blogs like Gawker so successful.

“Blogging is no longer about overtly spreading brand awareness, as the marketers who prosper with blogging effectiveness are giving back to their readers.”


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