5 New & Improved Twitter Features Marketers Should Use

Last month, Twitter continued to evolve its business as a media, advertising, and social platform to tackle the challenge of connecting every day with users and rolled out a new design that looks very similar to Facebook. The revised design offers several new features for marketers to take advantage of with brands, from advertising options to revised page layouts.

Profile Pages Receive an Update

Pages now have a customized header and larger inset profile picture where the new look looks very similar to Facebook pages and profiles. This offers brands a different layout to play in than before with the prominent header. According to Twitter, everyone will have the new layout turned on by May 28.

Direct-Response Ads

Meet direct response ads: Advertisers are being introduced new ad formats with actions such as app installs, click-to-call where the mobile user can engage with advertisers by clicking a button, and e-mail signups right from the app. Companies like Spotify and Square are already starting to experiment.

Amplify Program

Twitter beefed up the simple program and added enhancements to allow media partners to share video and other content on the platform directly in the Twitter stream in a “media forward” format with a one-click play option.

More Engaging Tweets Appear Larger

Twitter lets users and brands stand out even more now. In an effort to elevate engaging content, Twitter reconfigured tweets that receive more engagement to appear larger in feeds, giving brands and users an opportunity to receive even more engagement.

Roll Out of the Photo Collage

Twitter introduced its variation of the slideshow called a photo collage, where brands can upload more than one photo into tweets. Ever since its launch, brands have played around with creating interesting mosaics using up to four photos to create a compelling visual.

Brands have activated this feature with fan call-outs, user-generated content (UGC), how-to guides, quote highlights, event promotions, content previews, and winner announcements in order to be better storytellers.

Users can upload two to four images and turn an ordinary photo upload into an extraordinary one.

Here are a few brands that are making the most out of the collage capability:

General Electric asks users which material test they’d like to see by showing an example of each.

GE Photo Collage

Nike took collage to another level by incorporating UGC in this and making it many photos within just one.

Nike Photo Collage

Dove takes an ordinary bar soap shot and shares the product on different soap dispensers, asking users which look and soap they prefer the best.

Dove Photo Collage

Instead of just one image, Dove Men + Care incorporated all Final Four picks into a unique photo.

Dove Men Photo Collage

A model wears the Premiere watch in four different shots, with three black and white shots and one colored one to highlight her arm candy.

Chanel Photo Collage

Smuckers shows users how to easily use four ingredients to create a mouthwatering appetizer in just two simple side-by-side before and after photos.

Smuckers Photo Collage

In four simple steps, Chobani illustrates how consumers can achieve happiness by “flipping” the granola into their yogurt.

Chobani Photo Collage

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