PPCMarin Adds Google Shopping Campaign Management

Marin Adds Google Shopping Campaign Management

Announcements coming from Marin in the past week showcase support for Google Shopping campaigns in its advertising platform, and product inventory feed management through an integration of Productsup.

Marin estimates retailers will allocate one-third of their entire paid search budgets to Google Shopping campaigns by the end of 2014. That’s likely part of the fuel behind Marin’s latest launch: support for Google Shopping campaigns through its advertising platform, announced last week.marin-software-logo

With this launch, “Marin becomes the only independent digital marketing platform to offer automated campaign creation, inventory management and feed management capabilities for Shopping campaigns,” the announcement said.

In addition, it today announced the integration with Productsup, a provider of cloud-based data management technology. This integration powers product inventory managment.

Some of the features of the Google Shopping release include:

  • The ability to automatically create and optimize shopping campaigns.
  • Formatting product feeds and applying custom labels to work with Google Merchant Center.
  • Targeting audiences with social and display ads using data gathered through Google Shopping campaigns.
  • The integration of data from “virtually any source to accurately measure revenue” from Shopping campaigns.
  • Automate bid strategies based on product-specific revenue targets, optimizing bids in real time.

“Through our platform, retailers can use their Google Shopping campaigns data to build out audience segments and retarget consumers across the web, including Facebook,” said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. “During the holiday season, such precision targeting should prove particularly rewarding for retailers.”

If you’re new to the concept of Google Shopping campaigns, here’s a brief overview from Google:

And while Google might make it look easy, Marin said Google Shopping campaigns can be complex.

“With millions of products available for sale and constantly-changing inventory and promotions,” Marin’s announcement said, “retail advertisers must compete for the attention of consumers through ads that offer compelling visuals, prices, promotions and messaging.”

Depending on the retailer, a product feed could have thousands or even millions of products. The integration of Productsup will automate the process, Marin said, “saving retailers time and improving the effectiveness of ad campaigns by serving consumers more relevant ads.”

Those who have already tested the functionality say Marin has improved the customer experience.

“The integration of Productsup’s technology with the Marin Software platform is great news for us,” said Christina Noble, Account Director SEA at blueSummit. “We’re already working with both solutions, which have proved to be extremely useful in automating product advertising processes. Now, we can merge feed management with bidding and analysis. We expect the integration to provide further efficiencies and improve the retail experience for our customers.”

Marin released a white paper earlier this year on the state of Google Shopping that showed the drastic increase in spend in PLAs over 2013. From the report:

From January through December 2013, retail advertisers increased spend on PLAs by nearly 300 percent. To put this in perspective, retailers only spent 67 percent more in December 2012 than they did in January 2013.

This latest move by Marin as the first in its field to offer Google Shopping campaign management in this way is another win for the brand. Marin also had another “first” recently when it staked its claim as the first Google API partner to support RLSA.

For more info on Shopping Campaigns management, check out this white paper by Marin on Shopping optimization and ROI.


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