IndustryGoogle Merchant Center Adds Shipping Tool

Google Merchant Center Adds Shipping Tool

The Google Merchant Center has added a shipping rates tool that allows sellers to display more accurate total prices to consumers.

To help combat negative feedback about transparency into cost, Google has added a shipping configuration tool to its Merchant Center arsenal.

The search engine says this means users will now see more accurate total prices throughout the purchasing process on Google Shopping.

According to Google, this tool will also enable merchants to easily configure more accurate displayed shipping rates via:

  • Shipping rules;
  • Multiple shipping methods;
  • Customization based on location;
  • Simplified exclusion options;
  • And a reusable shared library that allows merchants to create a repository of shipping methods that can be reused across various custom configurations.


Additionally, merchants will have the ability to assign shipping labels to specific products. This will allow them to configure shipping rates based on the label assigned. That includes package distinctions like perishable or bulky, which would potentially increase shipping costs, Google says.

In July, Google added product ratings, which it said it believed would help drive more qualified traffic to Google Shopping campaigns.

This latest upgrade has been applied to all users, so there is no need for Merchant Center users to reconfigure their accounts. However, Google recommends walking through the system to ensure users understand the new features and can utilize them effectively.

Does your business use Google Shopping? We’re curious if you’ve experienced a high percentage of drop-off once consumers reach the point in the purchasing process where the shipping costs are displayed. Let us know in the comments below.


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