PPCGoogle AdWords Launches Website Call Conversions

Google AdWords Launches Website Call Conversions

AdWords will generate a forwarding number for each ad click that will measure calls made by consumers, enabling advertisers to attribute the call conversion and conversion value to each keyword.

Google AdWords has launched website call conversions, a tool it calls a “powerful way to identify and measure calls from a website that occur after an ad click.”

In a blog post, Google says a unique forwarding number will be generated for each AdWords ad click after brands place a snippet of code on their desktop or mobile websites. This forwarding number will measure the calls made by customers.

According to Google, 70 percent of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads.

Google says these forwarding numbers will continue to display for up to 90 days to capture future call conversions. Google also says brands can customize these numbers to match their websites, including color, font and size.

In the post, Anurag Agrawal, product manager of AdWords, uses the example of a brand with search ads that send consumers to its website, where they learn more about said business. Per the post, whether consumers click on the number or dial it directly from their phones, the brand will be able to attribute the call conversion and conversion value back to the keyword and ad that drove that particular customer.

As a result, Google says advertisers will understand which keywords and ads are driving the most phone calls and which are resulting in more valuable calls. They can also assign different values to calls originating from different pages of the website, Google adds.

In addition, brands can optimize their keyword bids to drive more calls or more valuable calls by using Target CPA or Target ROAS. These flexible bid strategies factor in signals like device, location and time of day to make auction-time bid adjustments that maximize website call conversions and conversion value respectively, while reaching a brand’s business goals, Google says.

Website call conversions are available in countries where Google forwarding numbers are available. They work with AdWords click-to-call ads and can be used alongside other call tracking products. Reporting on website call conversions is available in Call Details and through standard conversion reporting, Agrawal writes.

“Prior to website call conversions, we didn’t have the ability to track ROI when prospects clicked through our ads and called our sales center,” says Elan Hasson, digital marketing and information manager of People’s Trust Insurance. “Website call conversions [have] enabled us to better attribute lead and sales activity to the correct AdWords campaign after seeing a 79 percent increase in the total calls attributed to AdWords.”

In addition, Paige Polatas, B2B marketer with Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, says that Google website call conversions helped increase the brand’s AdWords call volume by 147 percent.


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