IndustryGreggs Falls Victim to Google Search Image Gaffe

Greggs Falls Victim to Google Search Image Gaffe

The bakery brand offered the search engine donuts to fix the problem and created a Twitter hashtag to go along with its request.

Greggs The Bakers is the latest to fall victim to a dodgy Google algorithm, as a search for the British pastry shop chain on the search engine this week retrieved an altered version of the company logo.

In fact, Google users who searched for “Greggs” found the company profile was accompanied by a logo that reads, “Greggs. Providing sh*t to scum for over 70 years.”

As you would perhaps expect, the Google mishap has since gone viral, with the image being shared across social networks.

It is yet not clear whether the image, sourced from, appeared due to a glitch in Google, with some suggesting that it could have been a deliberate hack. Was it perhaps the work of rival bakers? We wouldn’t put it pastie them.

Greggs was looking to get the offensive image changed and offered Google a selection of donuts to fix the issue.

Google has since complied, with @GoogleUK tweeting, “That’s all done now @GreggstheBakers, #FixGreggs is now #FixedGreggs.”

As we had expected, this came after it requested a free sausage roll from the bakers, to which we assume it happily obliged.

This is not the first time that Google has displayed inaccurate information. Earlier this year, PC World found itself in a similar situation to the bakery chain, as a search for the electronics shop showed a logo captioned, “PC World. Like hell but with worse customer service.”

This article was originally published on the Inquirer.


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