EventsDare to Hack Data With Bing at SES Denver

Dare to Hack Data With Bing at SES Denver

At SES Denver on October 16, Bing's John Gagnon will discuss the importance of using the right data as opposed to just big data.

Following on from the success of Atlanta, SES is back and this time it’s in Denver.

The mission of SES remains the same as it always has: to help you master the basics of being found on search engines, and then expand to advanced tips and tools to take your results and career to the next level.

Bing to Keynote at SES Denver

In the “Hacking Data and Predicting the Future” keynote, John Gagnon (@jmgagnon), Bing evangelist at Microsoft, will discuss how marketers can re-think the segmentation of customers by using the right data, not big data.

“In the coming years, context will be king and being number one will be more important than ever,” the keynote description says. We caught up with Gagnon to learn more about this and his upcoming talk at SES Denver.

“Years ago, we figured out that searches on a search engine were all about intent – and intent to buy. Now, mobile is driving a new wave of targeting options for marketers,” Gagnon says about the notion of context.

“If a person is on their mobile phone in the mall parking lot on Black Friday, that’s someone you want to reach as a retailer. They may not be searching, so you’re anticipating – predicting – their need for Black Friday deals. The extra context that mobile opens up is incredible.”

In his keynote, Gagnon will look also at trends that will give the audience an edge in their marketing.

“More than 640,000 kids in Los Angeles went back to school on August 12. But it wasn’t until September 4 – about four weeks later – that 1 million kids in New York City went back to school,” Gagnon says. “That impacts search behavior and buying behavior. That leads to opportunities for marketers that are willing jump into the data.”

He adds that it’s this type of trend that shows the back-to-school retail season is a “number of predictable events slammed together based on school district start dates.” Even so, digital marketers tend to treat the event “as one big macro season from July to mid-September. Now we can start to identify drivers of purchase behavior first, and work backwards to find data. Focusing on the right data is critical to success.”

The SES keynote will not only be packed with tips for leveraging trends, but also for how to extract the data. At SES Denver, the audience will become privy to some new tools for marketers coming from Microsoft.

“I will demo a set of new tools out of Microsoft Research called ‘Power BI.’ The tools can help marketers create mind-blowing visualizations with a few clicks,” Gagnon says. “But it’s more than just pretty charts; it allows us to ask questions of our data instead of diving into it.

“Type in your question, for example, ‘How many acquisitions and sales by month,’ and the chart appears. These types of tools will allow us to focus on the creativity in our minds and the creativity of running our business – not number-crunching. Though if you want to number-crunch, there can be plenty of that, too.”

Gagnon’s keynote for SES Denver takes place on October 16 at 9 a.m., followed by a full day of sessions in the SEO and PPC tracks that ends with “Meet the Experts” roundtables and a cocktail reception. Early bird pricing ends September 12, so grab your passes here.

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