Bing Ads Reveals Dynamic Sitelinks

Bing Ads has revealed a new feature, “dynamic sitelinks“, which creates annotations for ads that haven’t specifically set up sitelink extensions.


From Bing’s blog post:

Dynamic Sitelinks is another way to help your potential customers evaluate what your web site has to offer prior to clicking through, which saves them time and provides you more relevant customer opportunities. However, dynamic sitelinks is an ‘annotation’, which means that Bing Ads dynamically creates the content for you from content already on your page.

Advertiser’s ads may be a candidate for dynamic sitelinks if they haven’t set up sitelink extensions and their display URL has deep links information available, which the Bing algorithm uses to surface the annotations.

The report says internal Microsoft data shows that dynamic sitelinks can increase click-through rates up to 14 percent.

In recent coverage of SEW’s sister event ClickZ Live, dynamic sitelinks were discussed in a PPC session, where speaker Diane Pease advised that “advertisers create their own sitelinks to give themselves more control of their message.”

In July, Google AdWords unveiled a similar feature, and in an article for SEW, Larry Kim discusses that topic at length.

The annotations have already begun to roll out to all U.S. advertisers, says the announcement, and will complete “sometime before the holidays.”

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