SEOBing Unveils Responsive Design for Image Search

Bing Unveils Responsive Design for Image Search

Bing has revealed new additions to improve its image search, including tablet optimization, responsive design, and "mini-headers."

As part of its mission to improve the user experience, Bing has announced its roadmap for improving image search.

The first step includes features that are adaptable based on the user’s query, resolution, and interaction. This new release also includes optimization for touchscreen devices. Below is an example of the old and new versions of Bing image search.


Tablet devices were a key factor in the direction that Bing has taken its image search. Tablet users can now swipe through inline carousels in search results. Bing describes the new format as “responsive, fast, and fluid.”


When it comes to mobile devices, Bing shared the following:

“Our mobile experience has already gone through similar changes and will feel very familiar to you after using this experience.”

One of Bing’s more recent upgrades included the addition of Pinterest board searches. Since launching this feature as well as refinement and exploration suggestions have proven to be the most popular.

Because users want instant access to refine their search, Bing has added a mini-header that will slide with the users screen as they scroll down. This header is designed to create quick access without interrupting the search experience.


Bing’s take on this mini-header is as follows:

“The suggestions that we display in the mini-header will change as you scroll through the inline carousels to give you access to what you last saw. You can always click the button on the right to rotate through the content — the dots represent the each available set of content in the order they appear on the page.”

Last but certainly not least is the update to the image hover feature. Many images will now include a link or a search icon when the user hovers over them.

3 Tips for Better Image Search

In addition to rolling out new features, Bing also provides sound input on what its team is doing to help make users searches more meaningful and successful:

  • Quality: No matter what the user is searching for, Bing is focused on providing high-quality and relevant image search results.
  • Suggestions: Users that are scrolling page after page are clearly having a difficult time finding what they are looking for. Bing maintains a set of search suggestions and collections to help users find what they need.
  • Actions: There are many different ways to search and endless topics to search about. Bing has provided the tools necessary to filer results, create an image match, and create one-click access to Pinterest.


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