PPCGoogle AdWords Offers Ad Creative at Scale for PPC

Google AdWords Offers Ad Creative at Scale for PPC

Google AdWords has introduced a new way for large-scale advertisers to manage the ad creative for "thousands, or even millions of products" with a new feature called "ad customizers."

Large-scale PPC advertisers have a unique set of challenges. This week, Google AdWords rolled out a new feature to help those advertisers scale text ad creative with “ad customizers.”

From the announcement:

For advertisers with thousands, or even millions of products, showing tailored messages for each product and promotion you’re offering can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Ad customizers let you show highly relevant ads to your customers, in real-time, even when you have thousands (and sometimes millions) of products, services, and promotions — all changing by the day.

Ad customizers use information, organized in a spreadsheet, about a business’s product, prices, and promotional timing for campaigns, ad groups, or keywords in order to “generate extremely relevant and timely ads,” the announcement says.

This information is stored in a new “business data” section in AdWords, where it’s accessed when needed. From the AdWords post:

You create your ad with customizers which are parameters that tell us what information from your spreadsheet you want inserted into your ads. AdWords will dynamically take the product information that is most relevant to what each customer is searching for and insert it into your ad text. This saves you time, and lets you deliver a powerful, customized ad experience to each of your customers, every time.

The announcement gives a number of ways this new feature can be leveraged, including:

1. Creating one ad with hundreds of variations. One example follows:


2. Showing real-time calls to action, as illustrated in the following example:


In its help files, AdWords gives more examples of how to use this feature, such as if you want to:

  • Target by keyword
  • Use customizers across campaigns or ad groups
  • Update your ad based on recurring events
  • Count down to a one-time event

AdWords says this feature will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks.


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