MobileSit Back and Let Google Make Plans for You

Sit Back and Let Google Make Plans for You

Now, the updated Google app can help you plan your next date or discover where to dine out when traveling.

If you don’t know where to take your girlfriend on a date or have no clue where to taste authentic exotic food when you travel abroad, don’t fret – just ask the Google app on your smartphone. Yesterday, the search giant added a few updates to its app that make it even easier for users to make plans with Google’s help.


For example, if you want to find an Italian restaurant near your hotel, just say, “OK Google, show me Italian restaurants near my hotel,” and the app will present you with a list of options. If you are interested in the first listing and want to make sure it has your favorite dish on the menu, you can ask the Google app, “OK Google, show me the menu for the first one.”

When you find a restaurant you like and decide to go for dinner on Saturday, you can say, “OK Google, make a reservation there for Saturday.” If the restaurant is on OpenTable, a reservation screen will pop up with the details already filled out, and you can make your reservation accordingly.

The updated Google app can not only help users with dining decisions, but can also send reminders on where to pick up their rental cars, and when to catch their flights. It may even suggest fun spots to explore and take photos. Looks like it’s time to plan that next weekend getaway!


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