DuckDuckGo Quacks in 4 New Languages

DuckDuckGo, the small search engine that promises to protect searchers’ privacy, is now available in four new languages.

While it will only be the answers that are supported in different native tongues, a statement from DuckDuckGo notes that queries can now be answered in French, German, Czech, and Polish. Users will be able to automatically see these translated answers if the Web browser is set up to prefer any of these languages. The language can also be changed on the DuckDuckGo settings page.

According to the statement from DuckDuckGo, more than 9 million articles from the French, German, Czech, and Polish Wikipedia are now part of the instant answers database, which users can find straightaway.

The search engine also promises to introduce additional languages such as Spanish and Russian in the next few months.

Today’s move follows additional changes from DuckDuckGo in recent months. In August, a new Settings page was revealed that allowed users to customize options for Instant Answers, Auto-Suggest, Advertisements, Page Break Numbers, and Page Break Lines.

This followed a site revamp in May, which provided “smarter search, less clutter [and], real privacy,” added features like “smarter answers” from the “best sources” developed by its “open-source community.”

There you have it. Quack. Quack. Go!

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