LocalSMBs Benefit From New YP PPC Local Search Feature

SMBs Benefit From New YP PPC Local Search Feature

ypSearch delivers SMBs desktop and mobile search ads across Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YP.com.

Content Takeover Mobile & Local SearchYP has introduced ypSearch, a new one-stop PPC solution that promises to turn local searches into leads for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

When an SMB buys desktop or mobile search ads from YP, those ads are automatically delivered across Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in addition to its own PPC search inventory on YP.com. Leads are then driven through calls, emails, and online form stills from the search results. A Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner and Yahoo Bing Network Strategic Ambassador, the former Yellow Pages has relationships with the search engines, in addition to 80 million monthly visitors of its own.

“ypSearch removes the complex tasks associated with running search marketing campaigns across multiple sites,” says Darren Clark, chief technology officer at YP. “We combine the personal service of an individual consultant, the expertise of a local agency, and the scale of a national brand.”

The enhancement features a team of consultants who set up meetings with advertisers to walk through the campaign objectives and performances. Business owners can also track how their campaigns are doing on the YP for Merchants app.

This month has been a busy one for YP. Last week, the company launched Make Every Day Local, a campaign centered on celebrities sharing their favorite local businesses. The campaign’s first video features Bill and Giuliana Rancic talking about their Italian restaurants of choice in Chicago, while Celebrity Fit Club host Dr. Ian shares some of his go-to healthy living locations around the country, from a Los Angeles juice bar to the Connecticut orchard where he grew up picking apples.

Make Every Day Local has a focus on SMBs, which make up many of YP’s half-a-million advertisers. Similarly, ypSearch – which was rolled out in beta several weeks prior to its launch – was built specifically with SMBs in mind, though a similar product will be available for larger companies in the coming weeks.

“Featuring YP’s own inventory is an added feature in this solution,” Clark adds, citing recent comScore research that found that YP users are, on the whole, more influenced by advertising and more likely to purchase the items they’ve searched for. According to comScore, two-thirds of YP users made a purchase after their search and 61 percent searched for a business after seeing it in an ad.


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