Google Reveals Android App for On-the-Go Campaign Management

After a slew of product launches for AdWords in recent weeks, Google has now revealed an Android app that is available in the Play store.

The new AdWords app claims to enable advertisers with an easy way to view and manage ad campaign performance while they are on the go.

This is the first time that Google has launched an app for monitoring AdWords campaigns. The move is a welcomed one by industry participants.

“Having the ability to quickly review and take action in my AdWords accounts when I only have my mobile device enables me to be better and more efficient at managing my campaigns. It’s nice to know that I’m only a few taps away from the information I need, no matter where I am,” says Tommy Sands, senior paid search manager at Philly Marketing Labs.

When opening the app, users will be able to see a dashboard where they can get an overview of clicks, costs, and conversions. They will also be able to view metrics by ad group, day of week, and device.

Of course, changes in campaign performance can happen, too, and the app will send advertisers customized suggestions in real-time that they can act upon immediately. “If you see your best-performing campaign is maxing out on budget, you can make adjustments so you don’t lose out on potential sales…If there’s an opportunity to get more impressions by adjusting your bids, we’ll let you know so you can make the change right from the app,” notes Google in a statement.

The AdWords app is currently only available on devices that use Android 4.0 or later. An iOS version will be available soon but no specific time frame has been given.

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