Bing Updates Image Search

Bing is rolling out a more elaborate version of its Image Search.

By studying user behavior, Bing found that pictures are often the starting point for a search. Now, for example, when you search for “Las Vegas” and select a specific picture of the Strip, when you scroll down, you’ll see various carousels.

Some carousels offer more images from similar search results (“Las Vegas Strip Shows,” “Old Las Vegas Strip,” “Flamingo Las Vegas”), while others display that particular image in various sizes, as well as Pinterest collections and pages featuring the picture. Pinterest is the only platform involved in the new image search for now, though Bing plans to expand to other sites.


If you’re searching for a product to purchase, another carousel will include places to buy it. Bing is working out the kinks around site tags and ranking, as this feature is still in beta.

The updated Image Search applies to both desktop and mobile. Pictures on mobile devices will now take up more of the screen, with less black space around the borders.

Bing has also released a Chrome extension that will bring the new Big Image Search information directly onto pages you browse. The enhancement will be fully rolled out within the next few weeks.

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