Google Reveals Search Analytics Report for More Refined Data

Google has introduced the Search Analytics report to help webmasters better analyze their website traffic.

The new Search Analytics report enables users to break down their site’s search data and filter it in many different ways. For example, webmasters can compare mobile traffic before and after the “Mobilegeddon” algorithmic update released on April 21. If they have an international website, they can find the countries where people search most for their brand by choosing “impressions” as the metric, filtering by brand name, and categorizing results by country.


Image Credit: Google

Webmasters can also use the Search Analytics report in many other ways to make the best decisions for their website’s performance.

Google points out that compared to the existing Search Queries report, Search Analytics report offers more accurate data. For example, the new tool counts only clicks on an expanded image, while the old Search Queries report counts any click on an image, expanded or not. So click count may be lower in this new report, but is more meaningful.

Google is rolling out the new Search Analytics report today. It will keep the existing Search Queries report for an additional three months.

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