Bing Ads’ Campaign Planner Offers Insights into Competitors’ Campaigns

Bing has just launched Campaign Planner, a Bing Ads tool that sorts marketplace data into verticals, sub-verticals, and product types in order to help advertisers understand competitors and measure ad campaigns against industrywide benchmarks.

Campaign Planner allows users to select a target audience. A vertical from a drop-down menu then allows for insights into that audience using metrics, including search volume, average CPCs and device performance. Verticals can also be divided into sub-verticals and even specific products for further insight.

The Keywords tab shows the most popular keywords for verticals, along with impressions, average CPCs, CTRs, and search volume for each keyword. Frequently-assessed products can be saved into a Favorites folder so they appear at the top of the page each time users log in to the Campaign Planner.


Users can also select the Competition tab to glean insight into competitors’ behavior. The tab provides ad coverage and average position for an advertiser’s 10 closest competitors. Users can save that data into an Excel file for later use.


Bing Ads users can find Campaign Planner in the Bing Ads user interface.

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