New Google AdWords Products and Partnerships Focus on App Attribution

New products and partnerships will make it easier and more effective for marketers to track their mobile app campaigns, Jason Titus, senior director at Google,┬ásaid today during a livestream from the search titan’s annual I/O Conference in San Francisco.

Google Analytics for Apps offers more sophisticated segmentation and a more comprehensive view of app monetization from ads and purchases. Beginning today, Google has partnered with 20 new ad networks, including mobile-focused inMobi and Millennial Media. Integrating data into these new ad networks will give marketers consistent metrics, such as lifetime value and retention across an often-fragmented ecosystem. In the near future, marketers will also be able to postback, or create an HTTP post to the same page the form is on, their conversions to referring networks.

Advertisers using Google can also now integrate app install and event data from third-party measurements into AdWords. Some new mobile measurement partners include Kochava, Tune, Appsalar, AppsFlyer and Adjust.

“Mobile has really evolved so we want to make our offerings more cohesive and let you use the same APIs across platforms to build the apps that you want,” Titus said.

Beyond measuring apps, Google has also launched a new product, Universal App Campaigns, to help marketers promote their apps across its array of media. In February, the search powerhouse unveiled Search Ads on Google Play, which promised to reach consumers by showing ads alongside app search results. Along those lines, Universal App Campaigns provides simple installs for Android apps in AdWords or directly from the Google Play Developer Console. From there, the campaign scale can reach across Google Search and its AdMob network, as well as mobile sites, YouTube and Google Play.

Search Ads on Google Play and Universal App Campaigns will both be rolled out to in the next few months.

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