SEOThe Importance of Ad Extensions – Five Ways to Create That Personal Touch

The Importance of Ad Extensions - Five Ways to Create That Personal Touch

Since Google AdWords determines the best combination, having extensions, such as site links and callouts, gives your ad a better chance to have more possible ad combinations.

Marketing today is all about the personal experience. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, your potential customer is looking for what they want, when they want it. Think of it as marketing becoming B2Me. With paid search, having the right ads when your potential customers are looking is more critical than ever, and Ad Extensions can help add a personal as well as relevant touch to your ads.

In a recent post on the Inside AdWords blog, Google launched more options with business location extension enhancements on mobile, showing up to 3-4 ad units with directions and click to call button.

Are you still using ads without extensions? Do you want a way to reach potential customers on a different levels? How can use extensions to deliver the personal experience to customers? Here are five ideas you can use to develop the personal ad touch:

1. Site Links

I have used site links since they first came out, and they are not only a great way to add additional links to your ad, but you can make them more personal, as in the example below. One of the site links below is an ask: to check them out on Instagram. The tag line “your secret weapon” appears to the person looking for those longer lashes.


2. Callouts

Callouts can help complement site links, as in the example below. I love that they included the L’Oréal tag line “because you’re worth it”. The other callouts also speak to what the person may also be looking for, such as expert beauty tips that complete their anti-aging lotion. Notice also that having the callouts coupled with the site links also provides more relevance and authority to the ad itself.


3. Reviews

Reviews are a quick way to add an extension to your account, and what is more personal than a review of your product or service? Reviews add the personal touch of how people feel about their experience with your website. You can create your own review (quoted or paraphrased) and connect it with a published source. Having a review in your ad lets potential customers see testimony of positive experiences with your business and offers more information about the actual review.


4. Phone Extensions

Having a phone extension in your ad allows someone to call you directly, and let’s face it, there isn’t anything more personal than a phone call. Having the phone number in your ad gives customers the option to call and ask specific questions the ad may not address. It’s another way to make your paid search ad more personable.


5. Social extensions

While this is an automated extension, it does show how many Google+ followers your business has. Social extensions will appear without any setup on your part, as long as you have a Google+ page for your business. Social extensions are a great way to show that social personal touch. People are following you, and you are providing a product or service that is valuable to them.


Notice how many lines of text the above ad has. It also answers many of the potential consumer’s questions about grills, shows that Home Depot has a strong social following, provides upsell on grill accessories, and gives me a store locator to find a grill. The ad gets personal. It’s getting inside the consumer’s head and answering all possible questions they could have about looking for a grill.

As with all extensions, extensions that are displayed are a result of several factors, including previous extension performance, bids, and available space on the page. Adding a combination of extensions gives customers the ability to get more information about what they are looking for and allows for a more personal experience.


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