SEOMonitoring Site Changes for SEO

Monitoring Site Changes for SEO

Using the Page Monitor Chrome Extensions, SEOs can stay on top of content changes and their subsequent effect on search engine ranking.

Part of being a great SEO is having the ability to explain the ebb and flow of organic visits to the client’s site. This can be tough when considering all the many factors at play, but tracking changes made to the site can often help isolate half of the equation.

In this article we’ll show how to use the Page Monitor Chrome Extension to create alerts when page content changes. Using the spreadsheet template provided, it’s easy to quickly begin monitoring hundreds of pages.

Tools Used:

Step 1 – Download and Add Page Monitor to Chrome

Navigate to the Chrome Extension page and simply add the extension.


Step 2 – Add Multiple URLs and Page Titles

As you can see below, the Page Monitor extension makes it easy to begin tracking page changes for the individual pages you visit, but not so easy to add multiple URLs quickly.


For this reason we’ve provided a spreadsheet template. Just add the URLs and Page Titles you’d like to monitor, and the template will create the proper format in the “Output for bookmark.html” tab.

Tip: Consider tracking competitor pages to keep the edge.


It’s possible to use Google Analytics (login to the proper account and import the report using this link) and Screaming Frog to help in programmatically creating lists of URLs and the page titles.


Step 3 – Import into Page Monitor

Once you have your list of URLs and Page Titles, all that is needed to copy the output in the “Output for bookmark.html” tab of the template spreadsheet, into Import Pages by navigating to Page Monitor options -> advanced -> Import Pages. Be sure to highlight column A in its entirety, then paste into the Import Pages box.


Page Monitor Options

Once pages have been properly imported into the extension, there are several options of additional functionality including:

  • Setting custom interval to check for changes.
  • Using RegEx to look for for something specific on the page.
  • Desktop notifications.
  • Displaying the change in content.



Getting alerted to changes in content and monitoring the effect they have on search engine ranking can help us to be more proactive and valuable SEOs.

If you like monitoring a lot of pages, there are tools you can pay for out there like Versionista that offer better organization.




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