Bing Video Search Gets a Streamlined Makeover

Bing has just given its video search interface a “modern makeover,” according to the company’s blog.

The new layout will give users more information about the video they’re about to view, as well as bigger thumbnails. The company has also worked to improve related search

In order to provide more accurate information about a video, Bing has taken a cue from YouTube and, more recently, Facebook by including upload date, channel, and number of views for each video. Thumbnails will also be bigger, along with enlarged “heroes,” or thumbnails based on search query. Users can play the video from the hero or click through to the original source. Related searches will appear along with original search terms and suggested content appears at the bottom of the page.

According to Bing, these video search update not only make the search results page more visually appealing, but will also make searches more accessible to touchscreens on smartphones and tablets.

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