SocialInstagram Brings Search to Desktop

Instagram Brings Search to Desktop

The photo- and video-sharing app has added search features to its website for the first time.

Initially a mobile app, Instagram is growing its online presence by adding search features to web-based browsing.

On Monday, the company integrated updated search capabilities into its desktop experience. In June, Search Engine Watch reported that Instagram allowed users to search for posts based on hashtags, locations or specific accounts within the app. Users can now do the same on


In addition, links to hashtags and locations will redirect users to a landing page that shows the top posts around a specific topic, based on the number of likes. Previously, users could find a specific post on only through direct link or from a user’s feed.

According to Instagram, the update is designed to provide a consistent user experience across desktop and mobile. The company added that in June alone, embedded Instagram posts generated more than 5.3 billion impressions, so it’s important for the platform to improve discoverability on desktop and give users more ways to find content.

Homepage image via Instagram.


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