360 Degree Video Ads on YouTube Let Advertisers Deliver Richer Experience

A new Google ad format will let brands deliver more immersive video experiences with 360-degree video ads on YouTube.

With the new format, which Google rolled out today in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS, viewers can explore every angle of a video by dragging their mouse or moving their phone to shift their point of view. The 360-degree video ads are especially convenient for mobile users because they can simply move their phones up, down, left or right to watch different parts of a clip.

Major brands like Coca-Cola, Stella Artois and Nike have been experimenting with 360-degree video ads on YouTube, which have led to better engagement. For example, Coca-Cola’s 360 video celebrating the 100th anniversary of the brand’s iconic bottle design outperformed standard in-stream video ad view-through rates by 36 percent.

Today, Bud Light became Google’s first business partner in the U.S. to launch a 360-degree video running in TrueView ads. The series of ads features three different events from Bud Light’s “Whatever, USA” festival on Catalina Island, California, this past May.

Video and mobile are becoming increasingly central to the likes of Google and Facebook. At Cannes this year, Facebook debuted immersive and personalized panoramic ads to show what the company’s mobile future could be.

In order to scale video, Google advertisers can set up campaigns for 360-degree videos running as TrueView ads in AdWords. The ads can only be created with one of the following 360-degree cameras: Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam, or IC Real Tech Allie.

Homepage image via Shutterstock.

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