SocialTweets Officially Show In Google Desktop Searches

Tweets Officially Show In Google Desktop Searches

Six months after the deal giving Twitter access to Google's "firehose" of data generated by Tweets, Tweets have started to appear in search results.

It looks like Google gives a f**k about Twitter after all, at least a little. The industry continues to speculate on whether or not the search powerhouse may acquire the microblogging platform, but in the mean time, Tweets have started showing up in search results.

Back in February, Google and Twitter struck a deal, giving the latter access to the former’s stream of data generated by users‘ Tweets, also known as its “firehose.” Google had always crawled the firehouse manually; now Tweets automatically show up in searches as soon as they’re posted.

Tweets have appeared in Google’s mobile SERPs and apps for a few months now, though they are brand new to desktop results. When you GoogleSearch Engine Watch Twitter,” our Twitter feed is naturally the first result. However, instead of a standard link, there is a carousel-style box displaying our last few Tweets, complete with the times they were sent.


Googling my name, I sadly don’t merit the carousel at the top of the page, which is reserved for Mike O’Brien the comedian, who has 32,000 followers. The announcer for Pittsburgh Penguins-affiliate hockey games is the only other Mike O’Brien whose Twitter feed outranks mine, which is third out of 16 million results.



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