Bing Ads Releases New Ad Extensions

Bing Ads serve as a valuable PPC channel for getting advertisers’ paid search ads promoted to an audience of more than 167 million unique searchers per month.

The first impression to the searcher is the text ad they see in the search results. Therefore, it’s critical to use all resources to capture attention. Ad extensions provide extra information to the standard PPC ad.

This offers certain advantages to the advertiser including:

  • Capturing attention more physical space in results page
  • Conveying additional selling points
  • Known to get better CTRs

The ad extensions currently available in Bing Ads are location, call, sitelinks, and product. There are also several new and upcoming ad extensions for Bing Ads which will help to increase visibility and performance with Bing Ads.

Here are some impending ad extensions advertisers can anticipate using for Bing Ads:

App Extensions

Recently released, app creators can now promote and track app installs for iOS, Android, and Windows. It’s currently available on Bing mobile, as well as for Bing and Yahoo tablet traffic in the U.S. and other markets.

Image Extensions

Bing Ads will allow advertisers to add one to three images to the standard text ads. This is expected to launch starting with one-image extensions this month.

Callout Extensions

These extensions are not clickable, but provide additional information in the ad text. Up to four call-outs per ad are allowed.

It is recommended to use selling points different from the base ad copy.


Action Link Extensions

A call-to-action is highlighted in the ad with a different colored background to the text. The purpose of this tactic is to increase CTRs.

Review Extensions

Advertisers can include third-party reviews in the search ads. For example, “It was one of the best trips ever,” is a consumer review likely to be incorporated in a search ad for a travel site.

Review Extensions appear only for high-quality ads with a relevant review. It is a great opportunity to showcase customer satisfaction.

While most the upcoming ad extensions are in the pilot stage right now, it’s clear that once they launch they will be beneficial to many advertisers. Getting this on the radar now will help with future planning and optimizations.

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