What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of articles, blog posts, videos, how-to-guides, images, infographics, podcasts, basically anything produced by an online publisher or company that is shared around the internet.

Content marketing can be achieved through (but not exclusive to) a variety of online channels, including social, email and search. However on Search Engine Watch we mainly offer guidance on how content relates to SEO.

Content and search are now entirely entwined with each other. You can have every technical SEO feature perfected, but if you’re not producing ‘quality content’, Google won’t pay any attention to you.

Quality content can be defined in a number of different ways, but the main principles to stick to are that everything you produce should be one of three things: entertaining, interesting or useful. Preferably all three.

If your content isn’t helpful or relevant, then it has no value and it’s not just search engines that will ignore you. People will too.

Great content is the key differentiator between brands in the digitally transformed world. Let Search Engine Watch be your guide through the ever-growing complexities of content marketing.

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