How video can help SEO?

A third of all web users make up the audience of the Google owned video channel YouTube. So with more than a billion users, and billions of daily video views, gaining user attention is a must.

Hosting your videos on YouTube will give you a boost in search visibility in Google search engine results (SERPs). However merely uploading a video isn’t enough. Just like all great pieces of effective content you need to make sure it follows these principles.

  • Your video either needs to informative, innovative or entertaining. Preferably all three.
  • Identify trending subject matter by staying on top of popular search terms.
  • Connect using emotion will increase the chances of a viewer sharing it. Create an ongoing series to get regular visitors hooked.
  • Work with other collaborators and influencers to increase your audience.
  • Ensure your videos are accessible to everyone.
  • Make sure your videos are of a consistent quality, and meet viewers’ expectations.
  • Be authentic.

But video marketing isn’t just about YouTube. Increasingly brands are sharing videos natively to Facebook, and this is giving branded Facebook pages a boost.

Search Engine will help you navigate this new horizon of video content marketing, by offering he latest video trends and best practice advice for video optimisation.

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