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Searchmetrics Core Web Vitals Study

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Less than 4% of websites passed all Core Web Vitals tests.
Is yours one of them?

In this study we crawled over 2 million URLs, crunched the numbers, and performed correlation analysis across the top 20 organic Google search positions to get a sense of how websites are performing before Google rolls out the Core Web Vitals Update in June this year. This enables us to provide real performance benchmarks, insights, and data-backed guidance ahead of the algorithm update.

As well as the 3 Core Web Vitals, we looked at 12 additional related ranking signals to offer deeper insights into what websites are doing well. The study includes real best and worst-case examples plus highlights many areas where websites could benefit from healthy speed gains and UX improvements.

When using the information in this study, businesses, SEOs, UX designers and web developers can understand, with facts, what Core Web Vitals is about and what it means for the websites they manage.

It is our pleasure to present this study to you so that you too can thrive in organic search and be prepared for the next evolution coming in June.