ResourcesData-Driven Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Data-Driven Market Research and Competitive Analysis

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In today’s highly competitive environment, accurate and timely data can be the key difference between keeping tabs on, getting ahead of, or being left behind the competition. This eBook gives a detailed insight into how you can perform in-depth market analysis using the Semrush .Trends toolkit. In particular, it explains how the reports and features in Market Explorer and Traffic Analytics can paint an accurate picture of your target market, and allow you to closely analyze the strategies and performance of your competitors.

Supported by examples, the eBook provides detailed instruction and insight into:

  • Researching new markets and niches.
  • Analyzing your competitors’ marketing strategies.
  • Uncovering your competitors’ top-performing pages (and what you can learn from them).
  • Searching for gaps and insights in your rivals’ strategies.