ResourcesDigital Advertising Trends for the 2018 Holiday Season

Digital Advertising Trends for the 2018 Holiday Season

This new research from ClickZ, in association with Kenshoo, shows advertisers at U.S. brands are expanding budget and reach for the 2018 holiday season by putting more advertising dollars toward social media Stories, mobile, and Amazon ads while maintaining or increasing budgets allocated toward traditional holiday ads such as Google Search and Facebook.

73% of brands believe mobile will be “more important” or “much more important” than desktop for sales this year, while just 10% believe desktop will be the primary device for sales.

From Facebook Stories to Messenger ads, Amazon ads to Universal App Campaigns, this research details understand how advertisers use and prioritize specific channels in order to reach consumers for the holiday season, and how that spend and prioritization changes each year.

Download this new research and deep dive into:

  • The ever growing importance of Amazon ads for retailers
  • The push toward social media “stories” and why they should start playing a major role in your marketing strategy
  • How mobile continues to lead the way and how to optimize your targeted advertising

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