Getting Creative With Your Facebook Ads: 5 Tricks to Boost CTR & Conversions

Think of your Facebook ads as a 100-year-old man running a marathon. Unless they’re this guy, the fatigue kicks in the second they go.

Ad fatigue is the most common problem in Facebook advertising, so you need to stock-pile multiple good ideas for ads to test and rotate in to maintain a certain level of “freshness”. Sure, you can optimize your bids and increase your budget but if you want to see impressive results, it’s time to get creative. Here are five creative tricks to help keep your ads fresh and boost your CTR and conversions.

1. Plain Text on a White Background

Using words as pictures is a great way of pulling together a quick message that can resonate if you don’t have any brilliant image ideas. The nice thing about this approach is that you can control your message and often create an ad that is somewhat disruptive, but also still keep from having an esoteric concept that a significant portion of your ad’s audience “doesn’t get”. Here are some good examples:




2. Brainstorms from Google Image Search

The best things in life are free. Like Google image search, which you can actually use to look for royalty free images through advanced search options.

You can go ahead and use those for your ad, but I find it’s even more helpful to just sift through all of the results to help brainstorm and see what people find synonymous with your topic. You can drill down and look past some of the shared clip art in the search result to find things like:

  • Different interpretations of your topic
  • Thought leaders and celebrities associated with your topic
  • Pop culture references to your topic (is there a screenshot from “The Simpsons” showing up in the SERP that’s related to what you do?)

Again, these may not be images you’ll want to grab and use exactly, but they can give you some great ideas for ad creative.

3. Relevant, Familiar Faces

Using faces (particularly attractive ones) in ad images is a common tactic in Facebook advertising, but this can work particularly well if you can find ways to leverage faces that are familiar and relevant to your audience (meaning the hot chick on the SEO ad may get clicks but not conversions). This could be anyone from a prominent company executive who is also a thought leader in your space to a celebrity or a well-known person who has something to do with your topic, to a person your audience would be sure to recognize (i.e., if your audience is primarily developers, you might want to use an image of someone well known in the tech space).

When these images are paired with the right copy you can often grab attention quickly and convert that attention into clicks and sales.

4. Images Synonymous With the Problem You’re Solving

While finding images that can help people think about your solution and its benefits is probably obvious, a less obvious idea for grabbing attention is to use an image that is synonymous with the problem you’re trying to solve.

For instance, if you make software that keeps people organized, you might use a picture of a totally disorganized and harried person your prospects can relate to. If you’re making a given process more productive, see if you can come up with an image that reminds the people who see your ad of how slow that process currently is.

5. Goofy and Attention Grabbing Images


A great way to get clicks is to use a visually jarring image that’s a little off-beat and goofy. This might just be an image that’s visually striking, or it could be a total purple cow that doesn’t even seem to have much to do with your product at first glance.

In using these images (as with any of the ideas above) an important thing to keep in mind is that you need to think about both clicks and conversions. An ad that qualifies too well may keep you from getting any traffic, but if you only focus on making your ad visually engaging and compelling, you might be driving irrelevant clicks through to a page they won’t convert on. That said: one or multiple of the ad variations above very well may help you drive clicks and conversions through display advertising.

So there you have it. Five tricks to get creative with your Facebook ads. Which one will you try today?

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