5 Tips to Increase Conversion on Your Site

Your main objective isn’t limited to simply increasing traffic to your website and improving rankings by using search engine optimization (SEO) – search marketers can do more and play a critical role further down the line. Rather, SEO should lead to the next stage: increasing conversion on your site.

Taking ownership of what happens to traffic once it lands on your site will go a long way toward accomplishing what really matters, which is increasing conversion and sales. Let’s analyze the areas of transactional sites, with some tips on where you can improve conversions.

Return Better (Changed) Results

When a user searches on your site or clicks on a category page, consider increasing the number of results returned per page. Returning only 25 results per search? Consider increasing it to 50 or to an endless scroll. This change can result in a significant bump in conversion at 50 results and another bump when moving to endless scrolling.

However, a word of warning. It’s key that such an increase doesn’t greatly impact your page load speed, Today’s consumer is used to instant results, so this would likely have an adverse effect and potential customers could well leave your page before they have even clicked through.

Also, allow the user to sort search results so they are closer to their needs. In travel, it could be along the lines of proximity to a landmark or star rating. For other products, it could be the likes of brand, size, price range, features, etc.

Ensure Clear Price Displays

It sounds simple, but price is clearly a massive persuader (or dissuader), so the quicker the consumer gets an idea of how much money they could be parting with, the quicker they will make their mind up (and hopefully convert). Therefore ensure the price is clearly shown both on product pages and in search results.

Another tip: using a slightly bigger font and in a color that stands out increases conversion.


Also, if there is a promotion, sale, or discount in place, display the reduced price using a color that stands out with a strike through the existing price. Also recommended would be a message mentioning the percentage off the original price or an offer such as “buy 2 nights, get 1 free”.

Instill Urgency


If there is a limited supply of the product, make sure you mention it. If there are only five products left, let your users know. It will appeal to consumers’ competitive nature and desire not to miss out on a great deal.

Also, let your audience know how many times the product has been purchased in the last 24 hours or time of last purchase. People like to purchase items that others are purchasing.

Create Better Content Pages


Giving the consumer all the information and content they need in one place will undoubtedly help with conversion. Create one-page product pages and remove tabs. It’s important that these have the necessary details in one place, so they don’t have to search and navigate around a site for those key pieces of information they need.

User reviews are useful pieces of content to include here. They not only promote stickiness, but also allow the users to feel more comfortable they are purchasing a quality product.

Streamline the Checkout Process

The checkout process is naturally the stage that the user is least partial to, so it’s essential that this is as efficient and as painless as possible. Remove any unnecessary fields and steps and also test one page flow.

Other tips to achieve this could include:

  • Eliminating most links from the checkout header.
  • Providing a phone number in case they have questions they can’t find on your site.
  • Giving a complete summary of what they are purchasing, clearly stating the exact price including taxes, shipping, etc.:
    • For travel that could include name, dates, location, room type, etc.
    • For non-travel it could be model, style, color, brand, sizing, etc.


There is no silver bullet for simply increasing conversion, but brands can ensure that they are taking feasible steps to give them the best chance of attracting and retaining more consumers.

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