Twitter Vine: How 5 Brands Make the Most of 6 Seconds

Have you heard any of these questions in any meetings recently:

  • “What’s this Vine I hear about?”
  • “Should we be on Vine?”
  • “We only have six seconds?”

While Vine was acquired by Twitter and released in January 2013, consumers have instantly jumped all over this mobile app, making it a top free download app in the iTunes store for weeks. Users are experimenting with the innovative editing techniques to string together sometimes a complicated story into just six seconds.

But consumers aren’t the only ones testing their creativity and video shooting skills with these six second videos; many brands like Taco Bell, Tropicana, and General Electric, have incorporated the platform into their overall digital strategy and are seeing immediate results with consumer engagement.

According to Unruly Media’s research, branded vines are shared four times as often as branded online videos and branded content accounted for 4 percent of the top 100 tracked Vines.

Kicking around the idea of starting Vine for your brand? How should your brand use Vine? Take a look at some brands below who have activated the platform in a unique and compelling way for consumers through a creative use of just a few seconds.

1. Tips Made Simple

Lowe’s Vine accounts focuses on home improvement and life hack tips (#lowesfixinsix) by using stop-motion animation to show consumers how to keep a rug from sliding to using tin foil as paint tray liner.

2. Sneak Peek Opportunities

Not only does Kate Spade post weekly product-focused vines of shoes, fans can also get a sneak peek of the latest campaign in six seconds before it hits the big screen or magazine.

3. Showcase Your Product in a Unique Way

Urban Outfitters uses models to show off new products from baby doll dresses on a twirling model to showing women how to use the ombre hair chalk set in just a few frames.

4. Sharing Sales and Promotions

Nordstrom is known for impeccable service as much as it is known for its equally fabulous half-yearly sale. To promote the upcoming sale, Nordstrom crafted a creative way to show a consumer’s excitement of the upcoming sale in a fun and cheeky way with a pair of sunglasses and iPhone.

5. Providing Inspiration

How does a magazine bring its content to life? Lucky Magazine has managed to do that through a series of advice from editors as well as lessons in how to layer and apply eye makeup.

What other brands have you seen harnessing the power of Vine to connect with consumers?

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