Twitter Search Results Add Photos, Recent Searches, More Context

Twitter has announced new search functionality for users. The new features weren’t covered in an official blog post; rather, the update was only mentioned in a tweet that said “Search update on See photos & accounts in results + recent searches & social context as you type your query.”

What this means for users is a new way to find what they’re looking for with richer search results within Twitter. Searches now include more opportunity to explore past searches, profiles, tweets and images surrounding the search term.

With the new functionality, Twitter gives users context on how they’re connected with suggested profiles in the instant search results as the query is being typed:

Twitter Search Suggestions for Content

And here are the new results that display when searching for the term “content marketing” (notice some spammers have already figured out how to game the system here):

New Twitter Search Results for Content Marketing

Twitter now also lets users explore recent searches:

Twitter Recent Searches

Don’t forget, you can also save or embed searchesat any time in Twitter (so far, doesn’t look like you can embed the rich results as an option):

Save and Embed Twitter Search

Do you like the new search results in Twitter? Are they helping you discover new content or people? Give your two cents in the comments below.

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