AdWords Editor 11 – What’s Not to Love? 7 Reasons Why You Will

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our hearts turn to – AdWords Editor?

Admitting you are wrong is not always an easy thing to do, right? Especially when you feel strongly about something, and the facts and evidence point that way. But sometimes we have to step back and realize when we are wrong, and come clean. Love means learning how to say you are sorry…

I was wrong about AdWords Editor. Wrong in thinking that it would one day go away.

Back in May of last year, I wrote an article pointing out the reasons why I felt this way – such as infrequency of updates and the Web interface becoming more and more robust. The death knoll was starting to ring.

But on December 10, the users of AdWords got an early Christmas present. And one that we certainly had asked Santa for, but never thought we would see it under the tree.

The new version of AdWords Editor is a complete overhaul of the old tool – the biggest update since 2006 – and it’s apparent that a lot went into its creation. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you should – right away. You do have until April 10, 2015, but you really don’t want to wait that long. Need more convincing?

Here are seven features that will make managing your accounts better than ever!

1. Work on Multiple Accounts at the Same Time

If there could be one feature that I always wanted to have, this would be it. Now you can open multiple windows and work on multiple accounts at the same time. For those of us managing multiple accounts, this is a dream come true. And you can download multiple accounts at one time, and even entire MCC accounts. No longer do you have to download each account individually. And it’s very quick and efficient.

2. Type Lists and Pop-Out Windows

The type list is on the sidebar, and allows you to get a data view of a selection, or you can do a double click to get a pop-out view as shown below:


While I like this feature, this one is harder to get used to, because of how previous Editor had all of the section options at the top. The pop-out also gives you editing capabilities as well. And not only do you see the number of items in each selection, if you do a search, you can see how many of the items are in your search (example: next to Ads, you will see “3/25”).

3. More Appealing Visual Design

Let’s face it – it looks a lot better than the old version, and the layout is much each to navigate through.

4. It’s Faster

Downloading large accounts or making uploads is much faster than the old interface.

5. More Bulk Functions

The Make Multiple changes tool allows you to easily organize your text, and automatically puts it into rows and columns.

What is cool is you can select the column headers, type in the data to add, or bulk ad your changes from spreadsheets.


6. Advanced Search Bar

Searching in Editor just got a whole lot easier.

The Search Builder function allows you to create detailed searches to allow more than one criteria. You can also save your searches for future use.

7. Shared Library Access

You can now access the shared libraries in AdWords Editor, which includes all of your shared site links, bidding strategies, and negative keywords.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to fall in love – download version of AdWords Editor 11 today!

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