Financial and Business Search Engines

Looking for business or financial information? The business search engines below provide databases focused on just these topics.

Extensive business-oriented directory of web sites. Commercial listings are included on a payment basis, while non-commercial listings are included based on editorial criteria. (Review: Getting Down to, Nov. 7, 2001)

Business 2.0 Web Guide

Business-oriented directory of web sites, maintained by a team of professional research librarians. (Review: A Hidden Guide to the Business Web, Jan. 31, 2002)

Enter a stock symbol and see news stories, research, quotes and other information related to the company you ask about.


eBizSearch is an experimental search engine that focuses on a very small niche: academic and commercially produced articles and reports about e-Business. (Review: A Niche Search Engine for eBusiness, Jan. 30, 2003)


UK-oriented site that aggregates links about companies, stock information, analysis and research.

Hoover’s Online

Hoover’s is best known for its company information, with information on more than 12 million companies across 300 industries.


This service is designed for economists and features a custom crawl of relevant sites. It launched in June 1998.

MoneyWeb Financial Search Directory

Directory of sites relating to business, finance and money.

MSN Money’s Stock Research Center

Provides access to stock research resources, include a “Key Developments” database. (Revew: Searching for Corporate Milestones, Aug. 4, 2003)

Portal B

Portal B from Data Downlink Corporation is a focused web directory designed for business researchers who typically work in information intensive industries, such as banking, consulting, law, accounting and asset management, or large corporations. Portal B is not a free service, but rather is available only via a site license. (Review: Portal B Means Business, May 10, 2001)

Enter a symbol and get back quotes, links to research and more.


This site gives you the unofficial forecast of company earnings as determined by what people are saying on the web, determined in part by using search technology to gather the information.

Zapdata lets you build market research industry reports in real-time using Dun and Bradstreet business data, for free. (Review: Free Business Research from Dun & Bradstreet, Mar. 24, 2003)

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