Decade of Earth Day Doodles Get Google Animated in 2011

Google have raised awareness of Earth Day for the last 10 years with a new Doodle. The doodle designs have got more creative and complex with the years and have touched upon different planetary themes and concerns such as solar energy to polar ice caps.

This month, known as Earth Month, Google has really put it’s money where its mouth is by investing over $300 million dollars in clean-technology and alternative energy schemes. So, at SEW we have been expecting something a little bit special from the eco-conscious company.

SEW spotted today’s Earth Day Google Doodle, seven hours earlier and it was nice a doodle, but because it was a static image it did not show off the interactivity that these logos have been known for in the last 12 months (the most famous of which celebrated Pacman).

Find the 9 Animated Animals in the 2011 Earth Day Doodle!

However, as the logo has now hit the most of the world, Google have not failed to disappoint and, in fact, after 10 years of honoring the day, this is the coolest Earth Day doodle yet. The logo has been activated to be interactive!

What is more, there are at least 9 different animated animals hidden in the logo:


Update: You can check out the 2012 and 2013 Earth Day Google Doodles (and all the past Earth Day logos from Google) here.

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