Sun Officially Sets on AlltheWeb Search

Today marks the end of search on All searches are now being redirected to Yahoo search, which is powered by Bing.


Yahoo shouldn’t expect much of a bump from the AlltheWeb searches. AlltheWeb had only about 115,000 unique visitors worldwide in February, according to comScore figures. Yahoo had about 78 million unique visitors in February, according to Compete.

Back in December, it was leaked that Yahoo was planning to “sunset” various properties. AlltheWeb posted a message about the future of the site starting last month:

Yahoo will be closing AlltheWeb on April 4, 2011, as we focus on other features to improve your search experience. Starting on April 4, 2011, will redirect to Yahoo! Search at Thanks for your understanding.

alltheweb.png debuted in 1999, and at one time rivaled Google for size (though not popularity), having indexed more than 3 billion URLs prior to being acquired by Yahoo. It was also noteworthy for the debut of Livesearch, a search feature that showed search results as you typed — a precursor to Google Instant, which Google was seeking to patent at the time.

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