Top Ten Things Not To Do On Valentine’s Day

Okay you no doubt have had all sorts of suggestions on things to do for Valentine’s Day – buy roses and chocolates and make dinner reservations, but there needs to be a list of things not to do – that can offer some advise to both people in a relationship or not.

So here are the Top Ten Digital Things Not To Do On Valentine’s Day

10. Don’t start trolling Craigslist Casual Encounters if you don’t have a date – the day after regrets are a lot more painful.

9. Don’t spend all night tweeting – the messages will get more bitter as your night rolls on. That goes for Facebook and any other social site.

8. Don’t start looking at online photos of your ex – why be depressed by their happiness without you.

7. Don’t buy multiple same gifts of jewelry – sooner or later if the people have a chance to meet they will and this can really go wrong – did this once (gave GF and just female friend the same necklace and sure enough one night the friend wore and the GF saw – end of relationship).

6. Don’t use Urbanspoon random restaurant picker for Valentine dinner – you need to spend a little more thought.

5. Don’t have gifts delivered on day in a plain brown box – you should get them sent to you early and go the extra mile and wrap.

4. Don’t propose on Valentine’s Day – why associate this commercial day with your relationship – and just raises expectations of what you will do every Valentine’s Day in the future.

3. Don’t plagiarize a poem from online – if you can’t write one yourself don’t bother. Buy a book of love poetry and offer to read them to her/him.

2. Don’t get exercise equipment or gym memberships – if I have to explain that you more than likely don’t have someone to buy them for.

1. DO NOT tweet, IM or drunk or sober dial your ex – you come off as a stalker or just look really bad. And if you have any fame you could end up in the papers looking even more pathetic.

vd stalk.JPG

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