Taco Bell Thinking Outside The Bun, Uses Social Media To Counter Class Action Lawsuit

Using its own tag line Taco Bell has gone outside the bun to counter claims in a class action lawsuit over the labeling and contents of its ingredients, using full page print ads in major newspapers and addressing the issue with social media.


“Taco Bell responded to a class-action lawsuit that claims its taco filler doesn’t meet federal meat standards by saying it stands behind the quality of its seasoned beef and plans to take legal action against those who have made “false claims” against the product.” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

People came out on both sides – with a lot in between making jokes – on Twitter, but responses like “mention of Taco Bell wants me to go there right now” were also prevalent.

Smartly Taco Bell made use of Twitter promoted tweets to place a tweet at the top of any Taco Bell searches on Twitter or as a response when the topic was discussed. Meanwhile, they also added comments to their Facebook account that has over 5 million followers.


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