UK Election 2010: Incisive Media Coverage on Both Sides of the Pond

Search Engine Watch isn’t the only Incisive Media website and blog paying close attention to the UK General Election. Over on the other side of the pond, you’ll find stories in Computeractive, the Parlimentary Connections Blog, IFAonline,, and more.

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I sometimes forget just how many journalists work for the parent company of Search Engine Watch. So, it’s worth sharing their perspective with you, as well.

For example, the second leaders’ debate was light night. You can read David Worsfold’s take at Second Leaders’ Debate will give all three some satisfaction. Or, read his other article, Worsfold’s Wisdom: At least Sky isn’t doing Leaders’ Debate III.

For a second opinion, James Murray of BusinessGreen has weighed in with his thoughts at Gordon Brown: I’ve got a solar panel on my house.

And it turns out that Search Engine Watch isn’t the only one examining the use of Old Media vs. New Media by the three parties. The all out assault on Nick Clegg launched yesterday morning by the Tory press instantly set up the long predicted battle between the old proprietor controlled media and the new user controlled (social) media as #nickcleggsfault became the top trending topic on Twitter for most of the day.

Read Paul Allen’s Twitter users defend Clegg following media attacks and Worsfold’s “Is #nickcleggsfault the UK General Election’s Twitter moment?” in addition to my post Has the UK General Election Just Experienced its First Real ‘Twitter Moment’?‏

All of the Incisive Media websites and blog have gotten together and tagged their stories “UK Election 2010.” In addition, Incisive Media has a Twitter account – @incisivelection – with all of the election stories.

Incisive Media is also sending out a twice daily email up-date highlighting the best stories, providing links to the best sources and also to relevant stories, videos etc published elsewhere. I’m pretty honored that eight of my Search Engine Watch posts have been added to the aggregated Twitter feed and included in the coverage.

Yes, we’re part of a much larger company.

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