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If you go to the YouTube homepage today, you’ll see that Ad Age is “curating” the best YouTube ads. The 20 videos spotlighted on the YouTube homepage are all selling something, but they’re also entertaining.

David Meerman Scott Autographs His Latest Release

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For example, Evian’s “Live Young” aka the “rollerskating babies” never appeared on TV, but it has been passed around and watched more than 71 million times over the past year.

On the YouTube Biz Blog, Michael Learmonth of Advertising Age and Ann Diaz of Creativity say, “The beauty of what works on the web is that there are no hard and fast rules. Ad Age picked some of the best of the recent best with a big hat tip to our sister pub, Creativity. It’s true that YouTube sells ads. But it’s also true YouTube has made advertising better. Take a look.”

Evian Roller Babies international version

Another one of the favorites on Ad Age’s channel is The T-Mobile Dance. Check it out.

The T-Mobile Dance

But wait! There’s more!

Check out Volkswagen’s Piano stairs – –

Piano stairs – –

Now, Ad Age curated ads. But, as a publication that covers the business of marketing, advertising and media, Ad Age might also want to consider how marketers are also using platforms like YouTube.

For example, check out the examples below that were featured on Search Engine Watch’s channel on YouTube.

Video marketing case studies with David Meerman Scott and Greg Jarboe

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