Caroline Rodehau, New York Girl Style, Discusses Fashion 2.0 at SES New York 2010

Last week, we heard from Sarah Rock of Stylelist and Lauren Sherman of Fashionista, who spoke at the Spotlight on Fashion: Blogging for Style at SES New York 2010. This week, lets hear from Caroline Rodehau of New York Girl Style.

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Based in New York City, Rodehau is both Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of New York Girl Style and New York Girl Talk. She regularly provides her global audience with cutting edge content related to the must-have items for the season along with runway tips and couture commentary for female consumers.

Rodehau has created programs that have received national attention with media sponsors VH1 and global leader Fashion TV. The Made in New York program was created to support fashion and retail and launched at NY Fashion Week September 2009. The program reaches its audience through social media and Twitter.

Rodehau’s latest promotional endeavor integrates fashion and social media with campaigns, such as the Swatch US contest, which is providing a lucky winner with a Swatch Watch each month in 2010.

Following the session, Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Rodehau about how content featured on New York Girl Talk talk gets distributed via social media tools such as video, Facebook and Twitter. She also previewed spring fashion styles and trends, including uses of yellow, white, prints, silhouettes and mini-skirts. Yep, mini-skirts.

Fashion 2.0 discussion with Caroline Rodehau, New York Girl Style, at SES New York 2010

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