1,500 attendees watch Avinash Kaushik, Google Analytics Evangelist, kick off SES London 2010

Search Engine Strategies London 2010 kicked off this morning — literally. The opening keynote speaker, Avinash Kaushik, author, blogger and Analytics Evangelist at Google, challenged the 1,500 attendees to “forget everything you know about analytics — it’s a new decade and there are new rules.”

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Greg Jarboe and Avinash Kaushik.jpgKaushik said click through rates, page rank, conversions, page views are all sweet. Yet they rarely scratch the surface of the true opportunity of search and subsequently quantifying the true impact of this massively data driven ecosystem.

He then shared specific ideas that search engine optimizers and marketers can execute to find the audiences they crave online and use data to ensure that they are getting highest possible ROI. In summary, Kaushik said, “Keyword trees, yes. Attribution analysis, sure. Monetizing the long tail, got that. Micro conversions, yep.”

For another take on Kaushik’s keynote, check out “Avinash Kaushik Keynote Speech at SES London 2010: A Recap” by Jaamit Durrani of the Fresh Egg blog.

Now, I should disclose that Kaushik is a Buckeye from The Ohio State University (and I’m a Wolverine from the University of Michigan). But I brought an open mind.

Check out the video interview below.

Google analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik on making use of your data at SES London 2010

If you missed Kaushik’s keynote at SES London 2010, he’s also one of the keynote speakers at SES New York 2010. And you can listen to a preview of his keynote in the free SES Webcast.

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