hakia Unveils Commercial Ontology

hakia is unveiling their new approach to the semantic web by introducing Commercial Ontology. Dr. Riza C Berkan, CEO, took to the official hakia blog to explain.

Commercial Ontology is able to recognize phrases and terms as opposed to typical ontologies which Berkan says only look at one word. The word Commercial must be taken broadly – extremely broadly. You could be looking up a phrase like “Ricky Henderson statistics,” with no intention to buy anything. But it’s still considered commercial because of Henderson’s career in Major League Baseball, which is a commercial entity.

Berkan used the word “road kill” to demonstrate the difference between Commercial and traditional ontologies. (Road kill is disturbingly commercial, btw.)

Traditional ontologies search the word road and the word kill separately before making a connection. hakia’s Commercial Ontology recognizes the phrase “road kill” from the beginning. Here’s a graphic that maps out the differences:


According to Berkan, another major difference is that traditional ontologies use manual work while hakia’s Commercial Ontology can be automated.

The Commercial Ontology will be released at some point in the future. No further details were given.

In the meantime, what do you think about Commercial Ontology? Is it the future of Natural Language Processing? Share your opinion below.

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